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If you have any problems with our site, you can look here how to solve them.
The fastest way to look how to solve your problem is to look in the Frequently Asked Question list (FAQ).

Freaquently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: My display is weird, the pictures look a bit murky and i can't see all the text.

A: There are several causes for this problem:
1. Your display displays not enough colors, DutchArt is best viewed in 256 or more (16 or 24 bit) colors. You can adjust these properties in your confugaration manager or panel.

2. You are using a low resolution, we recommend 800x600 screen mode. DutchArt is best viewed in a 800x600 resolution (or higher) with 16 bit colors (or higher).

3. Your browser is too old. DutchArt was optimized for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q: DutchArt is loading very slow, esspecially the pictures.

A: There are 2 causes for this problem
1. Your modem is to slow, if you use a 14k4 modem (or slower) you might have a lot of trouble with reading the pictures, we reccomend that you view DutchArt with a  28k8 or higher modem. If you can only use a 14k4 modem you can try to turn off the pictures in the settings panel of your browser. You can see a picture than only when you click on it.

2. Internet is 'crowed'. this means that a lot of people are using the internet at that moment. The best thing is to wait and log in later.

Q: Some things of the site don't work (e.g. if i click on a button in the toolbar the button doesn't respond).

A: Because we update the site reagurly, we sometimes make some mistakes. We are probaly working on the problem on the moment that you see it so log in at an other time and it is probaly fixed.

Q: Why don't i get response on my e-mail ?

A: Because we get a lot of e-mail it takes a lot of time to read anything (we do read anything, though) so sometimes it may take some time before we respond, but believe me, we do respond.

If you have any other problem that is not mentioned here, please mail Cyberwolf Corp. at huskyr@gmail.com

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